May 22, 2020

Motivating things to do at home during Covid-19

During the coronavirus pandemic, while being stuck at home, some productive activities to improve mental health include redecorating your living space, planting a herb corner, and starting a recipe chain group.

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Coronavirus pandemic has changed our understanding of time, our day-night routine, and our relationship with the concept of home. Stuck at home, in the monotonous setting of our same old living spaces, working from home every day and being bombarded with Covid-19 related news, we tend to find ourselves feeling trapped and dispirited.We are mostly all tied up with work and daily chores while we are staying home. Yet, we also need some side activities; not that we are idle and Coronavirus pandemic suddenly gave us all the time in the world, but rather to brighten our lives a bit and acquire a better coping mechanism as we fight this virus off.Instead of passing your time on social media, watching the same old public health advisories, aimlessly playing video games, or binge-watching Netflix, there are rather more productive activities that will do your mental health good.

Some fun activities for your leisure time when you are stuck at home:

#1 Change the air with simple decorative touches

Now is a good time to redecorate your home and give it a slightly different look, because being in the same surroundings every day can be wearisome. Improving your living space and changing its atmosphere can make you feel freshened up. You will still be stuck at home, but at least your home will feel new! A few easy and realistic makeover ideas are as following:

Pick a wall and give it accent

Vibrant and warm colors energize us, whereas soft and pastel colors have a calming effect. Ask yourself how you generally feel and how you would rather feel. Depending on your expectations, pick your color. Painting an entire room is laborious. Don’t go there yet, unless you have the time and energy.

You can simply paint a single wall. An accent wall is sufficient to give your place a refreshing vibe. After finishing your final touches, air the room long enough to let the paint dry.

Mount your TV elsewhere

Turn your couch the other way around. Changing where you face in your living room massively changes the environment. Move other pieces such as coffee tables, plants, and your dining table around. See what appeals to your eye. Find a new plan and enjoy settling into your new place.

Showcase your happy moments

We do need some uplift. Photographs taken with our loved ones are perfect to take a stroll down the joyous memory lanes. If you have old photo albums, visit them to make your selection for your curated wall. From birthday parties to travels, weddings to beach days, compile a diverse collection, and think of how you can arrange them in a way that can make you smile.

#2 Plant a tiny herb corner at your kitchen

There are only a few things as inspiring as a seedling! It is the universal symbol for hope for a reason. Watching a seed transform into a plant is a blissful process that helps us find meaning in expectancy. It gives us a feeling of excitement and something to look forward to.Don’t worry if you don’t have any seeds. You don’t have to order any either. You can gather seeds from pretty much every fruit and vegetable that you consume while you are stuck at home. For an easy project, you can try germinating the following for a starter:beanssweet peasapple seedswatermelon seedslemon seedstomato seedsYou can speed up the process by keeping the seeds in a wet paper towel or cotton discs. Don’t forget to keep them moist! If you have kids, they would also love tracking the progress of these baby plants.

#3 Start a recipe chain group

Cooking is not only a fun thing to do at home, but it is also an essential thing to do during the Coronavirus. It is important to stay in and healthy. We can also go easy on home delivery and take-out food for a while since it can put us and others involved in the service in danger.With up to three meals prepared daily at home, we find ourselves out of options. If you are having a shortage of thoughts about what to cook next or you think that you have ideas to offer to others, you can start a recipe chain with some friends or family members.This way, you can stay socially connected, give each other missions, turn cooking into a game to play with friends, and stop worrying about your carte du jour. After you cook the recipe of the day, you can host an assessment meet up via video chat too!

Set up some basic rules such as the designated day for each person and on-off hours. Don’t go too sophisticated on the ingredients, since not everything is accessible for everyone due to the quarantine conditions right now. You can gradually increase the degree of difficulty by eliminating some ingredients such as sugar or eggs to boost creativity.


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