November 9, 2020

What jobs you should try to land during the Covid-19 pandemic

Identifying and pursuing careers in tech, such as information security, digital marketing, and quality assurance engineering, can lead to long-term success during the pandemic and beyond.

Written by

Chloe Frederick

Deciding on a career path during a global pandemic may seem like a bad idea on the surface, but there are a number of promising jobs still thriving amidst the chaos. Identifying and attempting to be hired in these roles is the best way to start a successful career that will last far into the future.Keeping that in mind, to identify the careers that will last, you need to focus on the current trends and the direction they are heading in. A popular trend today is that of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In fact, Statista mentions how artificial intelligence as a software market is expected to grow 54 percent year on year, which is unprecedented growth. Clearly, technology is the wave of the future, and Covid-19 has not hurt these jobs given that many can be done remotely. Therefore, the most resilient jobs to pursue during this pandemic are those based in tech.

Information Security Analyst

Becoming an information security analyst is a path that is still relatively new. This field is better known by the name cybersecurity, and the job functions are what the name entails. Professionals in this field test the systems of the companies they work for to see if there are any weaknesses they can expose.If they happen to find a gap in these systems, they are tasked with closing that gap and running countermeasures on any potential viruses that could have entered. Recent reports show that the amount of data circulating the globe has hit an all-time high of 18 zettabytes, which is a number so astronomically high it would take a drawing to imagine.Despite this already existing large amount of data, current trends show that the number is only set to increase. Therefore, professionals who are capable of protecting our information online will become even more important as time goes on.

Digital Marketing

Not every tech job in the future will require extensive knowledge of tech, which is good for anyone who doesn’t care for coding or programming. Digital marketers are the driving force behind online company sales and are the creative individuals who design advertisements for the purpose of selling their company’s product or service.As opposed to a traditional marketer, digital marketing is a field that requires knowledge of search engine optimization, email marketing, and other online marketing strategies. Fortunately, that is the extent of the tech knowledge needed which makes this career path one with a low barrier of entry.Marketing as a whole is expected to increase by about 6 percent over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which makes this a faster than average growing field. Picking up the marketing skills needed to enter this field can be done by enrolling in a trade school that can provide you with an online degree for this specific field.

Quality Assurance Engineering

When it comes to coding and programming, there is no limit to the number of jobs that emerged because of those two skills. On that note, quality assurance engineering, as with digital marketing, is a traditional job turned tech job.Rather than ensuring a physical product is up to code, a quality assurance engineer is a programmer who monitors every stage of software development to ensure that the software is developed properly and meets the right criteria. As you may have guessed, this requires fairly extensive knowledge of programming languages that can be picked up from a trade school as well.All hope is not lost for those who hold traditional jobs now, as the tasks performed will not really change. However, tech skills will be introduced that will change how the job is performed, which should make acquiring those skills any worker’s number one priority.


Predicting which jobs will survive into the future is a difficult task, but the best way to go about it is by studying modern trends. Keeping a keen eye on new developments can help you be ready for the change that is set to occur over the next few years. It’s possible that the widespread integration of advanced technology to the workforce will cause a larger disruption than Covid-19, but preparing for that possibility by getting involved with tech now can help you survive the change.


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