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Welcome to Ruul's HR Affiliate Program, where we offer a unique opportunity for HR professionals to revolutionize work dynamics. Our comprehensive suite of global hiring, talent management, payment, and compliance solutions is designed to streamline processes and generate significant benefits for your clients.

300 EUR/year for every paid customer

Each user that signs up for Ruul and becomes a paid customer earns you 25 EUR per month. For active users, you continue to collect a monthly fee and can earn up to 300 EUR annually for each paid customer.

HR Affiliates Stories

Ruul's innovative worktech solutions have transformed the way I approach HR management. My clients are thrilled with the streamlined hiring process, and the centralized platform simplifies compliance, making it a win-win for all!

Li Wei Ling

As an HR affiliate, incorporating Ruul into our services was a game-changer. The platform's seamless international payment solutions have allowed us to provide unparalleled support to our clients, making their global expansion a breeze.

Alexandre Dubois

As an HR consultant in Singapore, joining Ruul's HR Affiliate Program has transformed how I support clients' global expansion. Recently, I partnered with a local tech startup expanding across Asia-Pacific. Ruul's solutions streamlined hiring, compliance, and onboarding, boosting client success and my income. The program redefined my approach to international HR challenges.

Melissa Tan

I partnered with Ruul's Global Workforce Network on an IT project to optimize a multinational conglomerate's operations in Europe and North America. I sourced and onboarded tech talent across borders, ensuring compliance and collaboration. This partnership led to project success and increased our earnings, redefining our approach to global IT initiatives and delivering value and innovation to clients.

Martin Schmidt

Why choose our HR Affiliate Program?

Elevate Your HR Services
By joining our HR Affiliate Program, you gain access to revolutionary #worktech solutions through our flagship product, Ruul. This innovative platform is transforming the way organizations connect with talents and streamline their global operations.
Fast & Secure Talent Solutions
As an HR Affiliate, you'll effortlessly hire, onboard, and manage diverse talents globally, opening up limitless opportunities for your client's growth and success. Your clients will thank you for providing them with fast, secure, and modern talent solutions, exceeding their expectations, and driving their financial performance.
Simplify Global Expansion
With Ruul's centralized platform, you can offer your clients a seamless way to manage the entire work cycle, including onboarding freelancers or employees in over 120 countries, with compliance taken care of. Say goodbye to complexities, and hello to streamlined global expansion.
Personal Branding Opportunities
Stand out in the HR industry by showcasing your personal branding. Include your company name on our website and establish yourself as a trusted expert in global hiring and talent management.

The Power of Partnership

Partnering with us means you'll be part of a network of forward-thinking recruiters, driven by the passion to elevate HR excellence.
Our HR Affiliate Program is built on collaboration, empowerment, and mutual success. Together, we can reshape the way organizations approach HR management.

How does Ruul HR Program work?

Sign Up

Apply to become a partner and our Partnerships Team will contact you.

Refer Your Clients

Ruul will provide marketing materials and guidelines for you to introduce our solutions to your clients.

Start Earning

Generate income per each user you convert to a Ruul customer.

HR affiliate program

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