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Ruul vs Useme

Compare Ruul vs Useme - Discover why Ruul is the superior choice for freelancers.

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Key Advantages of Ruul Over Useme

Ruul and Useme are both platforms designed to aid freelancers with invoicing and payment collection. However, a closer comparison reveals why Ruul stands out as the preferable choice for freelancers seeking efficient, reliable, and comprehensive service.

Competitive fees starting from 2.75%
%5+ based on payment collection method
Currency Support
Supports over 140 currencies
Limited currency support
Payout Speed
Average 18-hour payout time
Slow verification and delayed payouts
Customer Support
Reliable support and clear communication
Criticism for poor support and miscommunication
Invoicing Features
Comprehensive range including multiple payment methods and automated VAT calculations
Limited functionalities
Global Reach
Operates in 190 countries
Less extensive global coverage
Not supported

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Lower Fees

Ruul offers competitive transaction fees starting from 2.75% per paid invoice, compared to Useme's higher fees, as reported by several users on TrustPilot​​. This cost-effectiveness is crucial for freelancers who are mindful of operational expenses.

Lower fees

Currency Support

Ruul supports transactions in over 140 currencies, providing freelancers with a broad international reach​​. In contrast, Useme's currency support is more limited, potentially restricting freelancers who work with diverse global clients.

Currency Support

Faster Payouts

Ruul averages an 18-hour payout time to bank accounts, ensuring quick access to earnings​​. Useme, on the other hand, has been reported to have a slow verification process and delayed payouts​​.

Faster Payouts

Customer Support

Ruul offers reliable customer support and clear communication, whereas Useme has received criticism for poor customer support and miscommunication issues​​.

Customer Support

Invoicing and Payment Collection

Ruul provides a comprehensive range of invoicing and payment collection features, including support for multiple payment methods and automated VAT calculations​​. Useme, however, lacks some of these essential functionalities.

Invoicing and payment collection

Global Reach

Ruul operates in 190 countries, offering more extensive global coverage than Useme, thereby catering to a wider range of freelancers and client bases​​.

Global Reach


For freelancers seeking a reliable, cost-effective, and globally-oriented invoicing and payment collection service, Ruul is the superior choice. Its lower fees, extensive currency support, faster payouts, and broader global reach make it an ideal platform for freelancers who value efficiency and reliability in their financial transactions. Additionally, Ruul's commitment to excellent customer support, mobile accessibility, and comprehensive invoicing features further solidify its standing as the go-to choice for freelancers around the world.

In summary, Ruul's combination of competitive pricing, global inclusivity, rapid payment processing, and robust customer engagement offers freelancers a streamlined, hassle-free experience. This makes Ruul not just a service provider, but a true partner in the freelance journey, empowering freelancers to focus on their core work without worrying about the intricacies of invoicing and financial management.


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