Why Ruul is the Superior Choice for Freelancers

Ruul vs Xolo

Ruul and Xolo are both renowned for assisting freelancers with invoicing and payment collection. However, delving deeper into their features and services highlights why Ruul is the more advantageous option for freelancers aiming for efficiency, reliability, and all-encompassing service.

Key Advantages of Ruul Over Xolo





Competitive fees starting from 2.75%


Currency Support

Supports over 140 currencies

Limited currency support

Payout Speed

Fast 18-hour payout time

Slower payout times with occasional delays

Customer Support

Responsive and clear communication

Reports of slow and less effective support

Invoicing Features

Comprehensive suite including multiple payment methods and VAT compliance

More basic invoicing features

Global Reach

Operates in 190 countries

SEPA region only

User Experience

User-friendly interface and mobile access

Interface can be less intuitive, lacking mobile support


For freelancers seeking a reliable, cost-effective, and globally inclusive invoicing and payment collection service, Ruul stands out as the superior choice. Its competitive pricing, extensive currency support, rapid payout process, and broad global reach make it an ideal partner for freelancers. Additionally, Ruul's commitment to top-tier customer support and user-friendly experience further cements its position as the preferred choice for freelancers worldwide.

Need a good reason to choose Ruul? We’ll give you many.

Lower Fees

Ruul's transaction fees start at a competitive 2.75% per paid invoice, offering a cost-effective solution for freelancers. Xolo, while also offering competitive rates, has instances of hidden fees affecting overall cost.

Currency Support

Ruul provides freelancers the flexibility of dealing in over 140 currencies, enhancing their global operational capability. Xolo's currency support, while adequate, does not match the extensive range offered by Ruul.

Faster Payouts

Ruul ensures freelancers receive their payments swiftly, typically within 18 hours, helping maintain cash flow. Xolo, in comparison, has slower payout times and occasional delays.

Customer Support

Ruul's dedication to superior customer service ensures queries are addressed promptly and effectively. Xolo has faced criticism over slower and less effective customer support.

Invoicing and Payment Collection

Ruul offers a broad range of invoicing features, including various payment methods and automated VAT calculations, streamlining the payment process. Xolo's invoicing features are more basic and may not cover all freelancer needs.

Global Reach

Ruul's operations span over 190 countries, providing extensive global coverage. Xolo's reach, though significant, falls short in comparison, limiting its usability for freelancers residing in SEPA.

User Experience

Ruul's platform is designed for ease of use with mobile accessibility, enhancing the user experience. Xolo's platform can be less intuitive and lacks comprehensive mobile support.

Choose Ruul for a Streamlined Freelance Experience

Opt for Ruul to ensure your freelance business thrives, regardless of your clients' locations. Ruul is not just about managing invoices and payments; it's about elevating your freelance career.

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