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Freelance writing: The myths vs. reality

Izzy Turner

Freelance writing is a dynamic and flexible profession, where you create content for your clients and get paid for them. In this profession, you are self-employed, work as an independent contractor, and are not committed to a single client. Though a rewarding career, this field has been surrounded by several misconceptions due to the type of work and the lifestyle it entails.

Basically, this line of profession is cloaked in mystery. With the rising number of freelancers and the internet, false rumors have been spreading about freelance writing.

So, let’s debunk all the toxic freelancing myths associated with this profession. For those who are holding back from pursuing self-employed writing jobs because of these myths; this is a must-read. So, let’s get started.

Myth No. 1: You Can Make Quick and Easy Money with Freelance Writing

People often have this misconception that in freelance writing you have to put minimal effort to get paid. The profession gives instant financial rewards.

Like all other professions, freelance writing needs a lot of dedication, hard work, and resilience. The money never comes easily, and it always takes time to build a client base and establish status in the market. With the rising number of freelancers, you need to be competitive and market your skills effectively to stay ahead.

Those who fall into this trap of easy money-making often end with frustration and disappointment. You can succeed in this industry only with the right approach.

Myth No. 2: You Can Make More Money in Freelance Writing than Other Jobs

It is never like you enter this career and you will start minting money. Sometimes, it is possible to get some high-paying clients but that is not perennial. Instead, when you are a beginner in this profession, you need to plan your finances ahead because it takes a while to earn a good amount of money.

To be a well-paid freelance writer, you need to constantly build your relationships, market your skills, and build a strong client base. Further, it’s the market conditions and the demand for freelancers that decide whether you will be able to crack a lucrative deal.

Myth No. 3: Freelancers Have Lots of Free Time

Freelancing offers a bit of flexibility, but again, you must know this is also a profession. Like others, freelancers also have to meet deadlines and stand up to client’s expectations.

Juggling between multiple projects, marketing strategies, and administrative tasks needs self-discipline organizational skills, and effective time management. You need to have a structured routine to effectively manage your projects and maintain quality in your projects.

A freelance writer has to handle even the smallest of the jobs all by himself. So, to save time, many freelancers switch to Ruul’s global invoicing solutions for fast and quick payment solutions. At least they can save time in invoicing different clients, which otherwise needs a lot of effort. Clients sitting globally have different invoicing requirements but Ruul handles them with great ease.

Myth No. 4: You Have to Start From the Bottom and Make Your Way Up

Most people believe that if you want to start a career in freelance writing, you always have to start at the bottom. But that’s not true. If you have the right talent, skills, knowledge, and expertise, you can find high-paying clients from the start. The only need is to set up a network so that you can reach your prospective clients.

Due to the flexible nature of this profession, every other person is entering this line of work. However, clients always look for high-quality work and if you can deliver that, you can be ahead of many experienced writers in the market.

Myth No. 5: You Need an English and Journalism Degree to Start Your Career

Of course, it’s a myth. Though having a degree can be beneficial, you do not need an English or journalism degree to be a freelance writer. There are writers from different professional backgrounds and experiences. More than a formal education, you must have good writing and communication skills.

Further, even having a degree won’t help as it is a continuous learning phase and you need to adapt to new approaches and new tools every day. Having a strong portfolio is a much bigger requirement than having a degree. Your portfolio says all about you and demonstrates your skills to your clients.

Myth No. 6: Freelance Writing Is Becoming Obsolete

It’s a common belief that as millions of individuals are entering this profession, it has reached its saturation. But that’s not the case. In fact, with the rising demand for remote-based work, the freelancing opportunities are growing exponentially. Companies and organizations are becoming more comfortable in hiring freelancers than recruiting full-time employees.

The introduction of AI tools raised some concern for the freelancers’ career but then they can never replace humans. AI tools can assist writers in creating drafts, getting ideas, and saving time. For freelance writers, who are creative and produce quality work, the opportunities are still unfolding.

Myth No. 7: Freelance Writing Is a Lonely Profession

Working independently does not always mean loneliness. The freelance community is connected, huge, and supportive. Thanks to global digitization, freelancers can easily form networks and collaborate with people for different projects.

Also, with the availability of social media groups, project management platforms like Trello, and online forums, freelancers always remain connected with their teams and clients alike. In fact, this profession gives you the flexibility to work in your preferred work atmosphere. This vibrant and dynamic field can be solitary at times, but never lonely.


The myths about freelancing careers often mislead aspiring writers. People often get trapped in the popular belief about its quick and easy money-making solution. Due to that many people just jump into it, getting nothing, just failures. You must understand that it is not an easy path and you really have to work hard to succeed here.

With freelance writing explained, now you can navigate through this industry with clear strategies and realistic goals.


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