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Holiday season is here, so is our 2019 digest

It’s that time of the year: THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS HERE! ?

After our feature in Product Hunt, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in our network, reaching 30 countries and 7-figure transaction volume, making more than 25.000 freelancers free from the burden of starting a company just to get paid or issue invoices and helping over 2.000 companies to manage their freelancer and contractor payments more easily and effectively.

Our customer success champions were also honored to get 9.2 CSAT score, which really reflects their passion to help freelancers and companies wherever they may be and what language they may be speaking.

Wherever you may be, dear Ruuler, we will be increasing the quality of our service, adding new features and tools for you to have a very happy, very lucrative and productive 2020!

One more thing before we sign off and you head back to work: We’d like to hear what your wishes as features for Ruul might be in 2020. To participate, just follow the link here.

Keep Rockin! ?

Yours Truly,

Ruul Team

Chloe Frederick
Blogger for Ruul
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