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Talent Talks #4: Meet photographer & cinematographer Vasilis Barahanos

Işınsu Unaran

It inspires us greatly when we see talented individuals take control of their lives and rule their career with full autonomy. This time on our Talent Talks interview series, we have another solo talent that shows us it’s possible to live and work the way we want while achieving success on our own! Vasilis is a great example of thriving in an industry independently, with the right tools by his side. Read on to find out what he thinks is most important when it comes to dealing with clients.

Thank you so much for agreeing to talk with us! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your work?

My name is Vasilis Barachanos, and I’m a photographer and cinematographer based in Greece. I have worked on various projects. with brands like LV, Dior, Bagatelle Group, Vice, Eastpak, and Bacardi.

How do you find Greece in terms of solo work / digital nomadism regulations?

It’s been 2 years since a huge development that has got many individuals into solo working, the government is working on some developments to create an ideal place to work as a solo & digital worker! Still needs a lot of work with the taxation systems but I think Greece is a nice place to work as a solo worker.

How and why did you start doing solo work?

I started working solo because of the freedom of working the way I want and expressing myself through my own work. Of course, it takes time to develop a discipline in working hours, and a lot of times it takes more time working solo compared to being in an in-house company. The challenges you have and the missions you can accomplish are just as rewarding as working for a top-tier business.

How did you come across Ruul and how long have you been using our features?

I have been looking for an online invoice service, and Ruul was the most simple and easier among almost every other option. I had no issues setting up clients' details, and received impressive support when I had any questions regarding the invoicing process. It still has many features to discover and use.

What do you love about Ruul and how does it contribute to your solo business?

I love how straightforward Ruul is, in just a few clicks you get the invoice sent to your client, but it also offers clients an amazing payment experience.

We’re curious about the work settings of solo workers. Where do you work from daily?

I mostly prefer working from my home office, but there have been many times that a few cafès have been my office for a couple of hours. I prefer to have my own place where it gives inspiration and helps me concentrate on delivering stunning work.

Give a few details about your daily work routine. How do you plan your work day?

The day starts with an early breakfast and briefing of the work of the day. I create a schedule based on clients' needs, emails, and communication first to do because I dig into work after that. Having clear communication with the clients helps me be more efficient, then I prioritize the deliverables based on the agreed deadlines. A few short breaks help me take a walk, get some daily household side tasks (home, market, and bills), and that's pretty much the work schedule.

What would be your advice to solo workers who are beginners? 

Don't get into the trap you are free to do your work whenever you want, it takes discipline to follow up and be professional with your clients. Both sides need a schedule to follow up and you need to be there when your clients need you.

You have the floor!

We are always grateful to hear the stories of talents that are shaping the job market of today. You can check out Vasilis’s work on his website, or find him on Instagram with the handle @billoshnookums.

If you want to share your own insights, drop us an email at and tell us about yourself! We are sure your words will be an inspiration to those walking a similar path.


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