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The times, they are a-changin’

The world today is way more different when Bob Dylan first penned down the ballad. Internet, in general, and the industries it brought down enabled so much, and many more. With it, the borders phased out, regions got closer; people all around became much more reachable.

As it is the case, change never stops: From the way we do our business, to the way we are getting paid for the work we’ve done, to the jobs we have and to whom we do it with shifts to a more “remote” setting. And with the changes, comes the challenges.

One of the challenges the modern world has is the concept of being and working with freelancers, remote contractors, virtual assistants: Trusting someone across the globe or delivering a work to get paid by a company you’ve never seen was becoming a great deal. We might well underline “Was.”

In 2017, we’ve invented a way to let freelancers all around the world do business, as a legit company, wherever they may be: They could invoice their customers, get paid across the globe, and get their money fast. Not stopping there, we’ve quickly put in the Agreement service to let our freelancers create their own service agreements, NDAs and general agreements they would need. This way, we’ve created the solution to the changing conjuncture, by being the voucher for freelancers, being the trusted party for their clients, and the financial representative of each in billing, settlement and payment processes.

We had one goal and one goal only: To help freelancers and their clients act in a trusted platform, which, apparently all around the world was partially missing. From this insight, the need for a secure platform to conduct their business and financially feel secure, Ruul was born and got to a point where over 20.000 freelancers and 1100 brands around 15 countries trusted Ruul with invoicing & payment processes.

The times, they are a-changin’. And it’s high time we do the same.

From our branding to our goal, we’ve stepped up to our next evolutionary phase. Ruul, the world’s first platform to create virtual companies out of freelancers, has become the go-to platform for all the things freelancers’ need.

With Ruul, it’s now possible to find, manage, engage and invoice your customers, get paid in over 50 currencies.

In addition, you’ll be able to manage your finances, get tax consultation and manage your clients, agreements and everything else you need with your virtual company.

Have favorite tools for project management, time-tracking or customer support? Integrate them to dynamically update your monthly payment, fulfill agreement quotes or requirements.

Ruul is also becoming the best place to find suitable clients for you: This way, all an independent professional need to find a good, long term partner is to register to Ruul. As we know who would be a good match for you, we will look for the best individual to partner you with. Think of it as a Tinder for Freelancers & Brands.

The times, they are a-changin’. And so do we: to keep on helping freelancers become virtual companies, knowing no geographical or financial limits.

Embrace the change.

Chloe Frederick
Blogger for Ruul

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