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Ruul business interviews: meet Joelle from JD Communications

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your company.

I’m Joelle Dana Bicaci, and I have a successful and happy story at JD Communications. I founded and started managing JD Communications in 2012. Today, we are creating and executing strategic marketing, PR, social media, and our clients’ events for diverse sectors — fashion, consumer, beauty, design, travel & hospitality, and leisure.

What made you decide to start working with independent professionals, and what are the best parts of working with freelancers? Why do you choose to work with freelancers?

When creating unique brand strategies for our clients, our job begins with crafting an inspiring vision. We then take a highly strategic and creative approach, which takes inspiration from our international consultancy experience and is customized for our clients’ needs. The plan is then brought to life with the help of our different divisions and freelance partners. We team-up with our national and international freelance teams with diverse backgrounds for each project to create the best result.

How do you find freelancers?

Mostly by referrals.

As remote working is becoming more common among companies, how do you think it will impact the future of work? Do you think the freelance economy will grow faster in the future?

We started creating our network three years ago. We believe that the office work will continue but with smaller teams as we are now. We believe that creating unique teams for each project or client brings better results. Therefore we’ll continue to grow our freelancer network as we think it will be the future of unique sectors like ours.

How do you communicate, collaborate & socially engage with freelancers and your remote employees? Could you name some tools/platforms?

We mainly use traditional methods; emails and online communicators like Zoom, Google Meeting, or WhatsApp.

Do you have any suggestions for companies that are considering working with freelancers? Can you shortly elaborate on what companies should do or avoid when they start outsourcing work to freelancers?

We believe that the key is to be clear at any stage. The company should share a detailed brief and should know what to get before the collaboration starts.

Do you have any suggestions for freelancers who are working with corporate companies and teams?

I am trying to be the best and work as a company’s employee, as everyone prefers to collaborate with people who have happily worked with before.

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