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Work is an action, not a place

Izzy Turner

Today we will introduce you to Luis Barroso, CEO and Co-founder of RootLo, an enterprise social network, helping to humanize remote work for modern day employees.

1- Your company RootLo, is aiming to humanize remote work. Could you please explain what RootLo offers to remote workers, and what are the ways to humanize remote work?

In the middle of the global, COVID-19 pandemic, companies around the world are shifting to remote work today and for the future. While the benefits are clear, this new way to work also brings major challenges, such as - isolation of employees, lack of team communication, employee engagement with the company culture, and finding the right balance between work and life.At RootLo we understand the challenges that remote work brings with it and we found the solution. We developed a tool that helps companies to build meaningful relationships across their remote teams, improving culture, productivity and most importantly the day to day lives of their employees, anywhere they are located.RootLo is the only holistic solution for the remote worker that is on the market today.  We address the work-life, social-life balance of the remote worker, creating more well-rounded, motivated individuals. Our goal is to get RootLo App in the hands of remote workers to improve their daily routine.

2- What are the most significant pain points of remote workers? What are the ways to solve these problems?

Through our personal journey and from many “fireside chats” with remote workers around the world, we have learned that our experiences all have similar hurdles – you can easily become detached from your co-workers and feel like an outsider within your own company, it can be difficult to grow your network, and the hours spent online researching tips for remote work can quickly add up.With the quest of minimizing these daily challenges to improve the day to day life of remote workers around the world, RootLo was born. RootLo’s “why” as a company has never strayed since that day, RootLo was curated to be a helpful tool for remote workers to help them achieve a more satisfying day to day lifestyle.RootLo provides enterprise communication, local community and information to remote workers around the world, helping them to live out their ideal remote work lifestyle.

3- What do you think about financial and bureaucratic challenges that remote workers face regularly, and how they can tackle those challenges?

The easy and faster answer to the question is “Remote Work Policy”.When companies were forced to start working remotely, they weren’t even somewhat prepared to have their employees work from home. And in today's environment, organizations around the world are challenged to adapt to a remote workforce that becomes the “new norm”.In order to adjust to the change in how an organization and employees adapt to a remote work policy, the same level of change needs to take place in the tools that are utilized. By leveraging automation, not only can your workforce perform their duties more efficiently by removing time-consuming manual processes, but your organization gains access to real-time data that can help provide insight into how to navigate the current economic environment. Additionally, the entire Record to Report process can be reliably managed with your organization’s defined controls and visibility into the progress of all relevant close tasks.

4- "Work globally, live locally” Could you please explain further this motto? What are your future predictions on remote work?

Work is an action, not a place.Not one of us at RootLo started our careers as remote workers. We all started working in corporate offices and saw success in 9-5 roles. However, we wanted more. We all yearn for breaking the confines of a cubicle and expanding our knowledge of new geographies, cultures and languages. However, we also want successful careers. We often get asked, “how is your lifestyle possible?” Our motto is driven by that single question. RootLo App helps companies and individuals to see, it is possible.


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