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Don't get weighed down by high interest rates. Check out our comparison chart below to see how instant payments with EarlyPay stand out.

Features / Attributes
Traditional Loans
Credıt cards

Access to Funds

Almost immediate

Days to weeks

Immediate (credit)

Interest Rates

Low & transparent

Variable, often high

Typically high

Approval Process

Quick & online

Often lengthy & paperwork-heavy

Credit check required


High (cancel before approval)

Low (fixed terms)

Moderate (based on credit limit)


Transparent & upfront

Hidden fees & charges

Annual fees, late fees, etc.

Impact on Credit Score

Minimal or none

Can affect if not repaid

Can heavily impact if mismanaged





Usage Limitation

Based on invoice

Fixed loan amount

Credit limit

Repayment Terms

Deducted from client's payment

Fixed EMIs


Ruul is synonymous of advanced online services, with a spike of high level customer service. They are very professional – highly recommended.

Luciano Landaeta

Using the services of Ruul for over 6 months, I’m always happy and feel secure that the transactions between me and my clients will run smoothly and efficiently. 101% I recommend the services.

Anestis Goudas
UX Designer

You essentially have everything you need to begin working remotely with your clients. I really appreciate Ruul for providing such fantastic tools that make the lives of freelancers easier.

Esfandiyar Talebi
Full-Stack Software Engineer

All I can say until this point is that Ruul is trustworthy and their services are outstanding. Keep up the good work guys!
Thank you!

Adrian Lazea
QA Engineer

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