Why Ruul is the Superior Choice for Freelancers

Ruul vs Native Teams

When comparing Ruul and Native Teams, two platforms designed to assist freelancers with invoicing and payment collection, Ruul demonstrates a clear edge. This is particularly evident in areas crucial for freelancers seeking efficient, reliable, and comprehensive services.

Key Advantages of Ruul Over Native Teams





Competitive fees starting from 2.75%

Criticized for high and hidden fees

Currency Support

Supports over 140 currencies

Limited currency support

Payout Speed

Fast 18-hour payout time

Slow payment processing and inconsistencies

Customer Support

Responsive and clear communication

Slow response, issues with account verification

Invoicing Features

Comprehensive suite including multiple payment methods and VAT compliance

Limited invoicing features reported

Global Reach

Operates in 190 countries

Limited global reach

User Experience

User-friendly interface and mobile access

Technical issues and login difficulties


For freelancers who prioritize reliability, cost-effectiveness, and a global approach in their invoicing and payment collection service, Ruul is the clear choice. Its lower fees, extensive currency support, quick payouts, and vast global reach make it a superior platform for freelancers. Additionally, Ruul's commitment to excellent customer support and a user-friendly experience further solidify its position as the preferred choice for freelancers worldwide.

Need a good reason to choose Ruul? We’ll give you many.

Lower Fees

Ruul's transaction fees are competitive, starting at just 2.75% per invoice, providing a cost-effective solution for freelancers. Conversely, Native Teams has faced criticism for high and sometimes hidden fees.

Currency Support

Ruul caters to a global clientele with support for over 140 currencies, facilitating seamless international transactions. Native Teams' currency support details are less clear, potentially limiting for freelancers with a diverse client base.

Faster Payouts

Ruul is known for its rapid payout process, typically within 18 hours, ensuring freelancers have timely access to their earnings. In contrast, Native Teams has been reported to have slower payment processing and inconsistencies.

Customer Support

Ruul is committed to providing reliable customer support with clear and prompt communication. Native Teams, however, has been criticized for slow responses and issues with account verification.

Invoicing and Payment Collection

Ruul offers a comprehensive suite of invoicing features, including various payment methods and automated VAT calculations. Native Teams' invoicing capabilities are reported to be more limited.

Global Reach

Ruul's services are available in over 190 countries, offering extensive global coverage. Native Teams, on the other hand, has a more limited reach.

User Experience

Ruul boasts a user-friendly interface that is accessible on mobile devices, enhancing the overall user experience. Native Teams has been criticized for technical issues and difficulties with account login.

Choose Ruul for a Streamlined Freelance Experience

Opt for Ruul to ensure that your freelance business thrives, regardless of where your clients are located. With Ruul, you're not just managing invoices and payments; you're enhancing your freelance career.

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