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Innovative way of collaboration for freelancers

Collaboration has completely changed in the last year as many of us have been forced to work from home and communicate virtually. The in-person experience is few and far between. This has been an increasingly difficult transition for freelancers and remote teams as they’ve had to adapt with no end in sight. They can no longer push off big meetings or brainstorms in the hopes of returning to the office next week to discuss in person as remote work seems here to stay. The sheer volume of freelance work has increased as well due to the volatility of the job market. 59 million U.S. workers performed freelance work in the past 12 months, an increase of 2 million people year over year and 96 percent of new freelancers say they will do more freelancing in the future based on an Upwork study. The most important number to focus on is that 58 percent of workers who are not freelancers and are new to remote work due to the pandemic are now considering freelancing in the future. Therefore, we’ve all had to find new tools for collaboration and video conferencing. For freelancers, a big issue has been pricing. Collaboration tools like Zoom and Webex are expensive and their capabilities are limited. And for a single-seat, the pricing is hard to justify when needed features are missing. So what’s the solution?

RemoteHQ. RemoteHQ is a virtual workspace that allows you to collaborate as if you were in the same room. For one user, it costs only $15 a month. This is a much more cost-effective solution than some larger brands. For $15, you have all the capabilities of Zoom such as video conferencing and screen sharing, and much more. This is the ideal solution for freelancers as they can purchase a seat and then take all of their meetings on RemoteHQ. There is no need to purchase additional software. If your team grows, simply add more members to your RemoteHQ workspace. RemoteHQ already has many app integrations with widely used platforms like Trello, Figma, Miro, Slack, and Intercom. Seamlessly use any of the integrations during a session to increase efficiency.

Once you’ve signed up on RemoteHQ, the platform allows you to create as many different rooms as you wish, letting you have a separate room for each client. Each room has a unique URL that does not change so clients can easily access their meeting room time after time without any confusion. The rooms also keep a record of each session’s history, so you can look through notes from previous sessions with each client. Guests can also join a meeting with no download or signup, making the experience for clients simple and straightforward. RemoteHQ has helped teams increase customer satisfaction by 33%!

Other noteworthy RemoteHQ features

Shared BrowserOf all the RemoteHQ features, Shared Browser is the most used and most impressive. Shared Browser is a cloud-based browser that gives control to multiple participants. The tool allows our users to co-browse and co-control any web page. You can turn any website instantly collaborative, where multiple people can click, scroll, and type during the session. With screen share, only one person is controlling the screen and therefore controlling the narrative. With Shared Browser, there is no more miscommunication saying “click that button; no, the other button” during meetings. Teammates can move the conversation along faster as passing control of the screen is seamless. This innovative technology will take your client meetings to the next level.

Audio transcription with live captioning – turn on transcription and have notes be taken automatically during your meeting. The transcription saves the session history for you to easily access after the session. Focus on your client instead of trying to take notes.

Reactions – There are different emoji reactions you can send during your meeting. Guests can raise their hands without interrupting the speaker.  This feature provides a more interpersonal experience for everyone in the meeting.

Whether you’re freelancing full time or want to have a side hustle, use RemoteHQ to achieve your goals. Try it out for yourself! RemoteHQ offers a free 30-day trial and when you’re ready to extend, use or code RIMUUT for 20% off 3 months.

Chloe Frederick
Blogger for Ruul
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