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Empowering Growth Through Global Talent Management with Ruul

Beije is propelling empowerment and growth through global talent management, revolutionizing how organizations nurture their potential on a worldwide scale.

Beije is a visionary subscription service for menstrual hygiene products with a mission to redefine comfort, transparency, and affordability in this essential aspect of women's lives. From its inception in January 2020, the company was determined to create a paradigm shift in the industry, focusing not only on product development but also on providing exceptional user experiences, fact-based content, and sustainable practices.

''Ruul is one of the most professional and reliable solution providers we work with. They have exceptional customer support and their streamlined process has been very simple to use. We now refer freelance talent to Ruul, and it is very convenient that we don't even have to take time to onboard them - Ruul is really that simple.''

Doruk Akpek, Co-Founder @Beije

The Challenge:

As a founder-driven movement rather than just a startup, Beije faced a unique challenge. The team wanted to dedicate their energy to their core mission of revolutionizing menstrual hygiene but realized that tasks like marketing, design, and other operations were essential for growth. To address this challenge, Beije began exploring the possibility of working with freelance talents to complement their in-house efforts.

However, hiring and managing freelancers across the globe presented its own set of challenges. Payment processing, ensuring compliance with local labor laws, and managing different currencies and time zones were just a few of the hurdles that needed to be overcome. Beije needed a solution that would allow them to seamlessly onboard and pay freelancers while maintaining financial compatibility.

Discovering Ruul:

In their pursuit of a solution, Beije came across Ruul – a global payments platform that offered a comprehensive solution for onboarding and paying off-payrolled employees worldwide. Ruul’s user-centric approach, seamless UX/UI design, and its promise of making payments to talents in any country and currency within an average of 18 hours captured Beije’s attention. Additionally, Ruul’s exceptional customer support was a standout feature, aligning perfectly with Beije’s commitment to exceptional service.

What made Ruul even more attractive was the fact that the talents Beije was considering to work with were already using Ruul. This pre-existing familiarity with the platform minimized the learning curve and streamlined the onboarding process for both Beije and their freelancers.

How Ruul Fueled Growth:

Ruul became an integral part of Beije’s strategy to accelerate growth while staying true to their core values. Here's how Ruul helped Beije achieve its goals:

  • Global Talent Management: Ruul enabled Beije to onboard and manage freelancers from around the world without worrying about complex payroll processes or compliance issues. This allowed Beije to tap into a diverse pool of talent and expertise.
  • Efficient Payments: Ruul's lightning-fast payment processing ensured that freelancers received their compensation in a timely manner, fostering a sense of trust and professionalism. The ability to make payments in any currency simplified the process for both Beije and its international talents.
  • Streamlined Operations: By outsourcing certain operations to talented freelancers, Beije was able to focus more on its core mission and product development. Ruul's user-friendly interface and automation features further streamlined administrative tasks.
  • Exceptional User Experience: Just as Beije prioritized user experience for its customers, Ruul provided an exceptional user experience for Beije itself. The intuitive design and reliable support ensured a seamless and positive experience for both the company and its freelancers.
  • Scalable Growth: With Ruul handling the complexities of international payments and talent management, Beije was able to scale its operations faster and more effectively. This allowed the company to bring its revolutionary menstrual hygiene products and ideas to a wider audience.


Beije's partnership with Ruul proved to be a pivotal move in their journey to reshape the menstrual hygiene industry. By leveraging Ruul's capabilities in global talent management and efficient payments, Beije was able to focus on its core mission and drive meaningful change. Ruul's commitment to exceptional service, coupled with its user-friendly platform, made it an indispensable tool in Beije's growth strategy. As a satisfied user, Beije highly recommends Ruul to other SMEs seeking to expand and innovate while maintaining financial compatibility and operational efficiency.


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