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How Ruul Transformed UserGuiding's Global Expansion by Streamlining Hiring Operations

Ruul significantly contributed to UserGuiding's worldwide growth by enhancing and simplifying their hiring operations.


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UserGuiding is a leading no-code user onboarding platform designed to enhance user adoption and reduce churn rates through interactive walkthroughs and in-app help articles.UserGuiding was considering setting up a team in Latin America to more effectively serve its customers in North and South America. This step was critical to provide demos to potential customers during business hours, answer their questions, and offer services in the same language. However, the busy startup schedule did not allow for individually managing issues related to payroll management and payments in the respective countries.

The Challenge:

As the company planned to expand globally, it needed an efficient and cost-effective solution to manage off-payrolled employees in different countries. Traditional methods of international payroll management were not only time-consuming but also complex, prone to errors, and lacked transparency.

The Solution: Ruul's Global Payments Platform

After an extensive search for solutions to mitigate these challenges, UserGuiding discovered Ruul, a global payments platform designed to simplify and streamline international payroll and off-payroll operations. Ruul's comprehensive suite of features, particularly its "Bulk Invoicing" capability, caught UserGuiding's attention.

How Ruul Helped:

Seamless Off-Payroll Operations: Ruul's platform enabled UserGuiding to onboard off-payroll employees in any country around the world with ease. This flexibility was essential for UserGuiding's global expansion strategy, allowing the company to tap into global talent pools and diversify its workforce.

Cost Reduction: By utilizing Ruul's services, UserGuiding experienced a reduction in both hiring and employee costs. The streamlined process eliminated unnecessary administrative overhead, such as managing multiple international bank accounts and complying with intricate payroll regulations.

Bulk Invoicing: One of the standout features that Ruul offered was "Bulk Invoicing." This feature allowed UserGuiding to consolidate payments for multiple employees and make them all at once. This not only saved time but also contributed to the reduction in employee costs.

Efficiency and Time Savings: Ruul's platform automated several aspects of the payment process, from handling currency conversions to ensuring compliance with local tax regulations. This allowed UserGuiding's finance team to focus on more strategic initiatives rather than being bogged down by manual administrative tasks.


By partnering with Ruul, UserGuiding achieved significant improvements in its global expansion efforts:

Cost Reduction: UserGuiding experienced a marked reduction in both hiring and employee costs, contributing to improved financial stability.

Efficiency: The streamlined payment process and automation capabilities enabled UserGuiding's finance team to allocate their time more strategically, ultimately accelerating the company's growth trajectory.

Global Talent Acquisition: With Ruul's support, UserGuiding was able to tap into global talent markets, strengthening its workforce and fostering diversity in its team.


UserGuiding highly recommends Ruul's global payments platform to other startups facing challenges related to rising employee and hiring costs, especially when considering international expansion. Ruul's Bulk Invoicing feature, along with its ability to simplify cross-border payroll management, can be a game-changer for businesses seeking to optimize their financial operations.


Ruul's partnership with UserGuiding illustrates how innovative solutions can address complex challenges faced by growing startups. By leveraging Ruul's global payments platform, UserGuiding successfully managed its off-payroll employee operations, reduced costs, and fueled its global expansion plans. This case study serves as a testament to the potential impact of strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technology in driving business growth and success.


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