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Streamlining Global Payments and Fostering Growth with Ruul

Ruul drives global growth by streamlining payments. With Ruul's efficient payment solutions, businesses can expand internationally with confidence, knowing their financial transactions are seamless and secure.


Connexease, a trailblazer in the customer care domain, set out to revolutionize the industry with its state-of-the-art multi-channel, conversational support platform. Their plug-and-play interface for headless customer care support channel integration provided brands and third-party outsourcing companies with an innovative solution for delivering exceptional customer support experiences. As part of their strategic growth plan, Connexease sought to tap into global talent to drive expansion, particularly focusing on the MENA and Turkey regions where they identified significant disruption opportunities.

The Challenge: Navigating Complex Global Payments

As Connexease aimed to work with global talents to enhance their platform, they encountered a substantial hurdle. Transferring money to international talent accounts proved to be a complex process, fraught with challenges and high commission rates. This hindered Connexease's ability to efficiently collaborate with global talents and created a barrier to achieving financial compatibility.

The Solution: Partnering with Ruul for Seamless Payments

In 2020, Connexease's CFO engaged with Ruul, a dynamic global payments solution provider, through a contractor who had successfully utilized Ruul for freelancer projects. Recognizing the potential benefits, Connexease joined forces with Ruul to tackle their payment obstacles. Ruul's comprehensive platform was designed to simplify global payments, offering a streamlined and cost-effective solution that perfectly aligned with Connexease's growth objectives.

Implementation and Outcomes

Connexease promptly integrated Ruul's payment solution into their operations, establishing a mechanism to manage payments for their international talent network. With Ruul's support, Connexease realized the following outcomes:

Efficient Global Payments: Ruul's platform swiftly resolved Connexease's payment challenges. The user-friendly payment process eliminated the complexities previously faced while transferring money to global talents. This newfound efficiency removed barriers and facilitated smooth collaboration.

Cost Savings: The traditional payment methods had incurred high commission rates. However, with Ruul's solution, Connexease experienced cost savings in transaction fees, enabling them to allocate resources more effectively for growth-oriented activities.

Simplified Invoicing: Ruul's platform introduced a streamlined invoicing process. Connexease could create and manage bulk invoices seamlessly, enabling them to maintain financial compatibility with talents around the world and turn payday into yayday.

Enhanced Growth Trajectory: By overcoming the payment challenges, Connexease's growth trajectory gained momentum. They were able to focus more on innovation, development, and global talent acquisition, thus positioning themselves at the forefront of the competitive customer care industry.

Strong Partnership: Connexease appreciated Ruul's efficient solutions and responsive customer support. This strong partnership allowed Connexease to concentrate on core business functions while Ruul handled the intricacies of global payments.

Conclusion: A Catalyst for Transformation

Collaborating with Ruul enabled Connexease to surmount the challenges of global talent collaboration and payments. This partnership not only empowered Connexease to access a diverse talent pool but also fueled their expansion efforts within the MENA and Turkey regions. By delivering seamless solutions, Ruul emerged as an invaluable ally, significantly contributing to Connexease's ability to reshape the customer care domain and introduce innovative solutions.

As Connexease continues its journey of growth and innovation, the partnership with Ruul stands as a testament to the power of adaptable solutions in modern business landscapes. Ruul's expertise in streamlining global payments and simplifying invoicing processes played a pivotal role in transforming Connexease's operations, allowing them to focus on their core mission of disrupting the customer care industry.


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