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Streamlining Global Contractor Payments with Ruul

Ruul simplifies and accelerates global contractor payments, providing a streamlined solution for efficient and hassle-free transactions across borders. Say goodbye to complex international payment processes and hello to a seamless experience with Ruul.


iKnow Technology Consultancy is a leading provider of IT consultancy services, specializing in turnkey software solutions, complex system integration, process control consultancy, agile transformation, SDLC, Project & Portfolio Management, Test management, and software architecture. The company prides itself on offering tailored solutions to organizations, utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance revenue, reputation, customer satisfaction, and risk mitigation.


In various projects, iKnow Technology found the need for specialized experts. Hiring full-time staff for these roles would have been cost-prohibitive due to recruitment expenses, time costs, salaries, and the complexity of maintaining a diverse skill set within the company. To address this challenge, iKnow Technology sought to work with contractors who could provide the required expertise on a project basis. However, managing payments to these contractors, especially across different countries, posed a significant challenge. Timely payments and proper invoicing were crucial not only for financial management but also for tax and regulatory compliance.


After extensive research, iKnow Technology discovered Ruul, a global payments platform designed to simplify cross-border transactions. Ruul offered a solution that streamlined the payment process while receiving invoices, enabling iKnow Technology to make payments to contractors around the world with just a click. The platform's user-friendly interface and responsive customer support made it easy for iKnow Technology to navigate complex international payments.

Implementation and Benefits:

iKnow Technology embraced Ruul as its go-to solution for making contractor payments. The platform's seamless functionality allowed the company to swiftly and securely transfer funds to contractors located in different countries. The benefits of working with specialized contractors were evident in the quality and efficiency of project deliverables. Expert contractors brought in-depth knowledge and fresh perspectives to various projects, resulting in innovative solutions and enhanced outcomes.

By leveraging Ruul's capabilities, iKnow Technology experienced several advantages:

  • Cost Efficiency: Working with expert contractors on a project basis proved more cost-effective than maintaining a full-time, diverse team.
  • Flexibility: The company gained the flexibility to scale up or down as project demands fluctuated, without the long-term commitments of hiring permanent staff.
  • Quality Expertise: Specialized contractors brought focused expertise to each project, resulting in high-quality deliverables and innovative solutions.
  • Reduced Risk: Expert contractors minimized the risks associated with unfamiliar technology or processes, ensuring successful project outcomes.
  • Pandemic's Impact on Remote Work:
  • The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed work cultures worldwide, leading to a surge in remote work arrangements. iKnow Technology, like many other companies, faced the challenge of maintaining business continuity while transitioning to remote work. The ability to collaborate effectively across distances became crucial, and the company's decision to work with contractors who were accustomed to remote work proved highly beneficial.


Ruul played a pivotal role in iKnow Technology's success by facilitating swift and compliant international payments to expert contractors. By collaborating with specialized contractors, iKnow Technology reaped the benefits of cost-efficient solutions, quality expertise, and enhanced project outcomes. The partnership with Ruul not only streamlined the payment process but also exemplified the potential of modern technology in overcoming challenges and embracing opportunities in a rapidly evolving business landscape. As iKnow Technology continues to expand its consultancy services, it looks forward to Ruul's ongoing developments and improvements in the global payments domain.


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