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Why do cosmetics brands prefer these logo colors?

Are you trying to adjust yourself in the ever-growing cosmetic industry as a most preferred beauty brand? Surely, you’ll be studying about different branding techniques and what kind of logo design will work for you. Have you noticed a certain pattern in the cosmetics brand color selections when it comes to their logos?

There is a complex color psychology that these brands include only the selected one! Don’t pick a random color for your cosmetics brand as there is a strategic reason for each color that you must figure out for a successful cosmetics branding. Come, let us explain to you why all famous brands stick to a particular logo color in order to strengthen their cosmetics branding score.

Most Used Cosmetics Brand Colors

Let’s go basic to understand how each color works and what particular feature invites every successful cosmetics brand to use them. Here are a few interesting facts that would enhance your knowledge about their important characteristics as well as allow you to pick the perfect logo color for your brand.

Black: The color black is often associated with authority, elegance and strength as well as it has some negative associations, too, with fear, mystery and evil. When it comes to cosmetics branding, the color black holds a significant value because it can offer your cosmetics brand the element of confidence, sophistication, and power. And you can portray your cosmetics brand with important social messages, too, just like women empowerment.

Blue: Found in various natural elements such as sky and oceans, Blue has remained the top color choice of various big cosmetics brands such as Nivea, Dove and Johnson’s. The key reason for selecting color blue for a cosmetics brand’s logo design is its positive attributes such as honesty, loyalty, peace, and tranquility. In order to give your cosmetics brand the right elements, you can opt for this color and transform your consumer’s perception about your brand.

Pink: If your cosmetics brand is strictly feminine, you may opt for the color Pink that’s often associated with positive adjectives such as cute, playful, and charming. Various successful brands prefer using color Pink to give their cosmetics brand a more feminine feel and make it relatable to their core consumers, too. You may consider the color blue to design your whole cosmetics branding plan and expect positive results.

Red: If you’re seeking to add the feeling of straightforwardness in your cosmetics brand, red should be your choice. The color red is often associated with passion, desire, or love as well as willpower, courage, and determination. So, you can incorporate red in your cosmetics brand’s logo design and divert the public perception in your desired direction.

White: Just like black, pink, and red, there’s another favorite color of every cosmetics brand that focuses on women, color white. This color is often associated with innocence, purity, and goodness which you may incorporate in your cosmetics brand’s logo design and make it relatable to those buyers who seek positive attributes in their preferred products.

Cosmetics Branding Tips

Since you know the key reasons for choosing these certain colors whenever it comes to cosmetics branding, let’s discuss some of the important tips. Yes, these tips would help you in crafting better cosmetics branding strategy and position yourself as the most preferred, premium, and trusted brand in the competition.
● In order to craft the best cosmetics branding strategy, you first need to decide your brand’s true identity. This deals with deciding what kind of cosmetics brand you want to be, what is your mission and what particular vision do you have for your core consumers. Deciding on these points would give you a proper roadmap towards branding success from the very first moment you start working on your cosmetics brand.
● Once you figure out the most basic cosmetics branding questions, start working on your corporate face’s essential elements. Pick the right typography that goes with your brand’s overall image and select the perfect color that relates with your consumer’s psychology. Also, pick the right form for including in your brand’s logo, too.
● Once you have your cosmetics logo design figured out, focus on other branding elements for establishing your brand, faster. These macro elements include your logo, a business website (or webstore), your business card, and marketing collateral for promotional purposes. Make sure that your logo is visible enough on everything that you ever produce either for sale or for promotional activities for the sake of memorability.
● And lastly, you need to align your marketing activities along with the key cosmetics branding rules. In order to win your consumer’s trust, try to create strategic messages that actually discuss their pain point whenever it comes to beauty products and keep their skin glowing. In short, your cosmetics branding plans should be aligned with the exact features that your consumers would seek in their preferred products.

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