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12 remarkable web design trends in 2022

Izzy Turner
March 19, 2021

Web design trends are changing all the time. But do you know what is going to dominate in the year 2022? We’ve thought about our buy-in points, what’s needed to create a visual hook, and the future of some notable future web design trends. From there, we’ve identified 12 modern web design elements you can use in your websites right now to stand out from the crowd. Here are our thoughts on what's hot and what we think will be hot in 2022. Here is our list of the best web design trends to inspire you.

1. Voice-Activated Interface

One of the hottest future web design trends is definitely a voice-activated interface. We can say that voice-activated interfaces are the biggest revolution in design. If you are a UX designer at any stage of your career, then you should consider designing voice interfaces for your users. Voice interaction in the digital world is nothing new. However, progress has been made, and voice should be integrated with existing touch devices.Research shows that as people continue to use their digital devices, they will become lazy with swiping and tapping on a screen-based device. Instead, they prefer to make requests using text or voice applications to optimize their time for other tasks.These modern trends will help us design new interfaces that are comfortable and convenient for users − reducing frustrations with endless taps, swipes, and clicks.

2. Retro Fonts

You’ve never thought that vintage fonts can also be considered as one of the most popular future web design trends, right? When we talk about typography, vintage refers to the use of typefaces that feature an old-fashioned or historic look. These typefaces can bring back memories or evoke feelings of nostalgia because they remind you of the past.The fonts for 2022 are bold and retro; the designers give the nod to tradition while still feeling the moment. We are all obsessed with typography, so it only makes sense that we are thrilled about this modern web design trend of retro fonts with a fresh touch.

3. Parallax scroll animations

The modern term parallax comes from the Greek word παράλλαξις, meaning alternation. It is the change in the viewpoint of an image when the position of the observer changes. All sorts of artists have been using this technique for many years now. Parallax scrolling is a technique that fades the background image further and further into the background as the user scrolls, creating a sense of depth. This scrolling method creates a unique experience for the user and helps build visual engagement, and it is catchy. As with all design trends, it’s important not to overdo it.

4. 3D elements

Here is a design trend that will catch attention! Web 3D elements have been used in various ways, primarily for entertainment purposes and educational and analytical ones. This illustrates that the Web is no longer flat, but it has embraced a new dimension. No longer is everything static and flat; instead, some of the most impressive designs include 3D elements.3D elements in modern web design trends are an easy way to glimpse into fantasy worlds that we cannot see in real life. These three-dimensional effects are bound to amaze visitors, from mid-air views of magnificent landscapes to the underwater projection of elaborate coral reefs and sea life. Most importantly, they reinforce your design.

5. Minimalism

In 2022, less will continue being more! The minimalist design trend is a reaction to and rejection of an earlier design philosophy that fell out of favor. Minimalism is about designers expressing only the most essential and necessary elements of a product or subject by getting rid of any excess and, therefore, unnecessary components and features. That means it’s about simplicity, efficiency, visibility, space, black-and-white contrasts (or very subtle color choices), the grid system, and intuitive navigation.

6. Neomorphism

Suppose we are talking about the biggest future web design trends. In that case, we should definitely mention Neomorphism, a new trend in design based on the science of pattern recognition, much like with skeuomorphism. However, instead of using realism to achieve this goal, it will be achieved through color.The color palette is the first thing that stands out when it comes to neomorphism, and actually, a user can usually tell if they are on a site that belongs to this trend based on the colors alone. As some of you will already notice, the color scheme of these designs is generally light with an accent of bright color.

7. Abstract Art Compositions

This is one of our favorite web design trends: Abstract Art Compositions! Art is no longer reserved for museums and galleries; abstract designs and texture-heavy pieces gain coveted space on everything from product packaging to web design.The use of abstract art in web design is growing steadily, as website owners get creative with their aesthetics. But why are more and more websites turning to abstract art? And how can you make abstract art a reality on your own website? Let’s take a closer look at the trend.

8. Three-dimensional colors

If we are talking about web design trends, the three-dimensional color style is worth mentioning. Three-dimensional colors internet design trend — the way some colors seem to pop right off your screen and into your heart — should be totally trending. This year’s color scheme, in a way, is like the evolution of gradients. Today’s top designers are introducing more decadent and more luscious color transitions in their web design creations — so real you can almost feel them– but they are showing restraint in using too many of these three-dimensional hues on a single page.Every year we look to the big players in web design for inspiration and trends—and it’s no different when it comes to colors. From muted to candy-colored, vibrant, or flat, there are many options and combinations you could choose. But this year, we expect color transitions to become more lifelike than ever.

9. Scrolling transformations

This web design trend idea is where designers make something happen when users scroll. The technique relies on animation and a lack of interaction. Rather than have interactive buttons or active forms that disappear, scrolling transformations focus on the actual act of moving through the page. When users scroll down, they are actually doing something—making something happen.

10. Natural colors

This web design trend is timeless. When it comes to website color combinations, there are plenty of options available. Color trends in web design change according to the spirit of the time. One popular trend that is quickly gaining ground in the design field in 2022 is using ‘comfortable’ aka natural colors. These are colors that have been proven to reduce eye strain instead of the traditional ‘in-your-face’ colors that were once thought to be exciting and appealing.

11. Captivating questionnaires

This is not just a web design trend but also a marketing project. There is no better way to ensure a user’s satisfaction in the online world than by providing an excellent onboarding process.One of the best ways to make a landing page stand out is through the onboarding process−the sequence of steps you take your user through once they’ve landed on your website. If you can make the process simple, elegant, and−most importantly−helpfully contextual to why they are there in the first place, you’ll probably be able to keep them from becoming another session drop-off.

12. Design Activism

Who said the web design trend is only to catch the eyes? This modern web design trend will also capture your audience’s hearts. Design Activism is now applied by many brands trying to use their products and services to forward a positive change by promoting issues they care about or causes connected to their business. Activism is rarely one-directional: we act on the world and shape our environment by using products or services. The connection between brand and product can be much stronger than just a typical customer-brand interaction, where the customer is usually left with a “buyer’s remorse” at some point.


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