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Activities for your kids while you work from home

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Home is the new office for millions of people around the world due to the physical distancing rules coerced by Covid-19. On top of the difficulties of adapting to this new reality, with kids now schooled remotely from home; working parents find themselves also struggling with the notion of trying to work from home with kids.Children may be interrupting calls, tinkering around computers, asking for attention at impossible times, or keeping you busier than you ever were back in the days when you worked outside the home-office.Seeing that occupying children is a common concern among working parents, we are here to offer you some activities tailored for your kids, so that you can have relatively more ideal working hours.

6 activities to keep your kids busy and you happy

#1 Facetime with grandparents (or any other relatives)

Yes, as simple as that. Scheduling a call for an hour with your relatives will not only fulfill the longing for each party during the social isolation, but it will also keep your kids busy.You can save this for a time that you really need to concentrate on work, because the call would not be likely to require your assistance except for the beginning. Just don’t forget to schedule it in advance, so that there won’t be a clash with your relatives’ daily plan.

#2 Making words by treasure hunting letters (6-8 years)

If your kids are already familiar with the alphabet and spelling some simple words, by using anything you have at hand, from toilet rolls to pieces of cardboard, you can create letter cards to stick at diverse locations around the house. You can also find readymade letters in the form of printable activity sets.Earlier on, give some thought on corners that are hard to find at your place. Make sure that the cards are hidden well, but also at an accessible height for your children. If they cannot reach them, they will be calling your name! Give them a list of words and let the game begin. You can credit them extra points or some treats for treasure hunting silently.Here are some suggested rules to elevate your game:Time-limited letter huntColor-coded lettersBonus for making a sentence with the wordNegative points for clues

DIY activities for kids - Letter hunt

#3 Audiobooks and podcasts

There are beautiful, age-specific audiobook collections online that you can choose from. Podcasts oriented to kids are also super-rich in variety. You can find many series from scientific facts to child-friendly news or stories spiced up with history. Set up a peaceful corner for your little ones where they can listen independently.Let them tell you what they have learned later in the day. You can use the audio content for picking a theme for your kids’ next DIY activities. That way, a simple listening session can turn into a well-rounded and long-term educational activity that will keep your kids curious and occupied for a few days in a row.

Educational activities for toddlers - Podcasts

#4 Screen time reward in return for some chores

Our observation suggests that during the Coronavirus pandemic, being the perfect parent is quite impossible and even the thought of it puts a whole lot of stress on parents. Though it may not fit your style of parenting, loosen up a little temporarily and give your kids some screen time to get those hours for work that you desperately need.If you are still hesitant, you can allow screen time as a reward for some accomplishment. Hand your kids a grocery list and let them go through the cellar and the fridge to see what needs to be restocked. Sock pairing is also a great activity that improves their attention, keeps them tied up, and helps you get your laundry organized.

Work from home with kids - Screen time

#5 Dance choreography with a timed playlist (5-10 years)

If your kids are into music and performance arts, this is right up their alley. If they are not, again this is helpful to intrigue their interest in that area. Make a simple and festive playlist ahead. You can include your kids in the track picking process too, which could save you some more time!Then, tell them to practice for a dance show that they will stage at the end of the day. They can choose their props and set up the scene. You can all dress up for the occasion as a household and pretend that you are out for the night to attend a cultural event, which we all deeply miss these days.This performance will also be a good physical activity for the kids which will help them transition to sleep peacefully, hopefully earlier than usual; thus, giving you more time to work or relax. If you all enjoy it, make it traditional and repeat it weekly.

Fun activities to do with kids - Dance choreography

#6 Washing the hard-surfaced toys (3-5 years)

This is not only a fun activity for your kids with the magical comfort of the water and the bubbles, but it is also a great opportunity to introduce them with the concept of hygiene, which is very crucial at the time of the Coronavirus pandemic. Grab two containers, one for the dirty and another for the bubble bath. Let your kids collect the dirty ones in the toy box by themselves.Pour a safe cleaning material into the water-filled container. Add a sponge, a brush, and a towel to your cleaning kit. You will see that they will love sinking and floating their toys, and you will love the minutes granted to you.

Things to do with a toddler at home - Toy washing

If you are looking for other tips to get more organized, check the article you may find handy. Don’t forget that being a full-time parent, a domestic laborer and a professional at such a stressful time and in limitations of the house deserves admiration. Perfection is your enemy. Things can go out of control from time to time and this is OK.Indulge yourself with some “me time” in your leisure hours when your kids are asleep, you no longer have to look after your child and you are out of your home office! Move on to our article on freeing your mind for some suggestions to help you relax.


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