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How to gain a competitive advantage by recruiting international talents

Leon Cordier

Thanks to today’s digital technologies and infrastructure, it’s now possible for people to work from almost anywhere, provided they have a decent WiFi connection. This gives businesses new opportunities in finding effective ways to expand their operations and get the best people to work on their projects.One of the best ways to do this is by taking advantage of these new shifts in work culture by looking abroad for talents. This is the guide that shows you how to gain a competitive advantage by employing freelancers or solo talents overseas.

Benefits of hiring external talents

Here are some of the many ways that recruiting freelancers from overseas can benefit you and your company:

Access to the best candidates

To put it simply, you considerably expand your potential talent pool by expanding your horizons. By looking for overseas talent, you find the best possible candidates for the job by ignoring geography and borders.You can get access to people with the specialized skill sets you need for your job. Another benefit you can find is that hiring people overseas can lead to you developing more operations overseas, expanding your market.Adding overseas workers to your team can benefit you by creating a diverse workforce. People with different lived experiences bring different perspectives to your team. These different perspectives add to your teams’ ability to tackle different issues in ways that you may not have thought of. Having a diverse staff can lead to you and your company finding new and innovative ways to run your business.

Reduced employee turnover

Reducing company turnover should be the goal of any business. If you’ve hired employees by now, then you know firsthand how expensive and time-consuming it is to recruit, hire, and then train new employees. Now imagine having to do this repeatedly if your business is suffering from a high layover rate. The good news is that companies that rely on remote work options tend to have less layover than their counterparts.Hiring qualified foreign talents and giving them the flexibility to work from their homes gives you a leg up on your competition. Hiring from abroad gives you the best candidates available from across the globe, and you can keep them happy by giving them the flexibility to work from the comforts of their homes.

Increased worker productivity

There are really talented people that you can hire from overseas. The benefits you gain from the increased diversity and the resulting innovation will help you immensely. Another great benefit that you will get is increased productivity. You get this boost to benefits in two ways:

  • You cut out down on the time that would be spent on dealing with office issues
  • You benefit from having workers across multiple time zones working on the same projects

Working from home allows talents to work at the most efficient pace without having to commute or have several different meetings or deal with any other detracting office dynamics. While some believe that letting people work from home decreases productivity, it’s a good policy to keep talent happy because happy talents work the best.Having resources across the globe means that you can work on projects more often. While your domestic employees sleep, your overseas ones can continue working on the same project. Your business will be an empire that never sleeps.

The reduced overhead compared to full-time employees

One of the advantages of hiring freelancers is that you can hire them on a need-by-need basis. While full-time employees are paid regardless if you have work for them to do, contractors and freelancers only work when you need them to. You can hire freelancers for important projects that need more hands or specialized skills, or you can hire them as a temporary replacement until you find a permanent solution.

Challenges of hiring international remote workers

This section will cover one of the trickiest challenges to hiring international remote workers and offer you possible solutions to the problem.

Mistakenly using a non-compliant agreement

When you’re looking to hire an international worker, you have to make sure that you follow the country’s laws regarding work agreements. This is because any mistakes or failures to comply with these rules fall solely on you and your company. That means that the onus is on you to navigate the country’s employment laws.You’ll have to navigate aspects such as whether the person you’re hiring is an independent contractor or an employee. Other important issues that you have to tackle are things like finding the proper methods to pay them or even tax codes. Holidays, work benefits, and social security are some of the items that you and your HR team will have to pay detailed attention to.

Staying compliant when working with freelancers overseas

While these issues may seem like too much to overcome, there are ways that you and your team can make this process easier. These include:

  • Paying detailed attention to the fine details
  • Consorting with legal experts
  • Make sure everything is accurately documented

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