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Black women leaders fighting racism and discrimination at work

Despite facing numerous obstacles, black women leaders have been continuing the fight to break barriers and fight racism in the workplace.

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Talent Talks #3: Meet journalist, content curator and community manager Hismaldy Santos

On this episode of Talent Talks, our exclusive series where we invite solo talents from the Ruul community to have a chat about their journey, we are welcoming Hismaldy Santos, a solo community and... read more.

DAC7 Directive: A comprehensive look at the EU’s latest tax regulation

EU’s latest tax regulation DAC7 directive expands the existing tax transparency rules to digital platforms.

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Benefits of remote work and freelancing for refugees

Where traditional in-person work settings fail, freelancing and remote work might be able to solve the problem of refugee employment.

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Talent Talks #1: Meet indie game dev, Ivan Shyika

Meet Ivan Shyika, an indie game developer and a YouTuber from Ukraine and members of the Ruul community of solo talents. We have invited Ivan to join us for a conversation as part of our new dialog... read more.

Tech layoffs: What happened, what comes next?

Why are there so many tech layoffs, and what should we expect in the future?

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Is returning to the office truly necessary?

Offering more flexible working models and allowing for remote work options is the most important part of a return to office plan that will actually work.

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Quiet quitting: Is it just a trend?

Throughout history, the circumstances of workers and what is expected of them as opposed to their wages has been a topic of discussion. In this instance, we are just seeing a new generation vocaliz... read more.

Recontextualizing the career break

We are now living at a time where the value of a person’s life and its connection to a career is being discussed from a more balanced angle. 

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Rimuut has rebranded as Ruul and here is why

Rimuut has rebooted and is proud to announce that it will continue its journey with new features and by the name of Ruul. 

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