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On digital nomad lifestyle and remote working with Enelin from SafetyWing

Izzy Turner
October 20, 2020

Today we are happy to introduce to you the Head of Business Development at SafetyWing, Enelin Paas. She has been working remotely, continually changing locations as a free spirit who has adopted digital nomadism for quite a while now.Discover Enelin’s story and useful tips for freelancers.

1- Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your work.

I’m Enelin Paas, 28 years old Estonian being nomadic now for more than five years and am not planning to stop any time soon. :)I am the Head of Business Development at SafetyWing - we are building a global social safety net tailored to the needs of online freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote companies.Next to this, I am a teacher, speaker, and consultant on starting affiliate and referral programs for businesses to achieve sustainable growth.

2- What made you choose to live a digital nomad life?

A wish to live life on my terms. The love for traveling and the need to learn, discover, and explore.

3- How and why did you first decide to be a digital nomad? Did a memorable incident steer your decision, and would you like to tell Ruulers about it?

Around five years ago, I took a one-way flight from Estonia to San Francisco while leaving my master’s degree studies and quitting my career and job. With the savings I had at that time, I needed to get an online job fast. I had sleepless nights till I got my first gig via Upwork. Working hard has brought me success and comfortable nomad life.

4- How is your daily routine? Can you share it with us in a few bullet points?

I usually go to sleep around midnight and wake up around 8/9. Then I’ll have a slow morning. While drinking coffee, I am getting started with work. I’m not a morning person and try to avoid meetings in the morning. Then, around midday, I’ll go to a cafe or a coworking space. Later, when things are done, and I feel accomplished, I will meet up with friends for dinner or go to do some light sports like a dance class. On the weekends I try not to work. That’s when I take the time to explore my area by going on road trips, hiking, and such.

5- Which city is your favorite as a digital nomad so far, and why?

I like Bali, Mexico, Spain, Estonia, and Brazil. What a weird combo of countries, I know.My favorite place to live in is Rio De Janeiro. I go every year for Carnival and then stay for three months. It’s simply the most fun and vibrant place on earth. I love it!

6- In three words, how do you reckon a professional digital nomad should be?

Happy, laptop, backpack.

7- Are there any tools you find indispensable as you work remotely? Could you name some?

I am pretty basic with my Whereby, Google Meets, Gmail, Slack, Google Drive, Evernotes, and Notion. Also, I need a laptop stand, keyboard, mouse - all of that to have an ergonomic workspace! Plus, I can’t do without Spotify.


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