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People developed their own ways to keep working

Izzy Turner

Meet Ercan Gumus, Head of Central & Eastern Europe, at 11Sight. In the interview, you’ll find his tips for having efficient and productive meetings and suggestions for remote workers to build meaningful connections with 11sight.

1- Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your work.

Hello, thank you for inviting me. I’m Ercan Gumus, Head of Central & Eastern Europe at 11Sight. I’m also one of the co-founders. 11Sight is a one-click video communication tool for businesses. We provide instant communication between companies and customers through buttons and links. Our system works browser and device-independent. We provide both one-to-one and one-to-many calls and private virtual offices for each user and front desks for businesses. Get more information about our products:

2- What makes a virtual event experience life-like, and how can users build meaningful connections with 11sight?

2 things make virtual meetings life-like: Usage areas and in-call features. Video call experience is the new normal of getting together. And the more we use it, the normal it will become. 11Sight can be used in every touchpoint where customers need to consult a representative. Since it’s platform-independent, every 11Sight user is reachable anytime they want.When it comes to in-call features, we know that only video and audio are not enough. That’s why we thought of every aspect during the communication process. Features like pointing, instant messaging, screen sharing, and document sharing options to help one see the world from the other's eyes. Plus, there are 3 recording options to keep the communication. You know what they say; words fly, the recording remains.

3- Fast forward ten years, how do you see the ‘future of work’? What are your expectations or predictions on remote working?

Before predicting ten years later, I find it useful to review 2020 at a glance. In 2019, nobody would say businesses would work from home, regardless of their sizes. Then came the pandemic. At first, people had hard times with virtual meetings, but since remote working has become an obligation rather than a choice, people developed their own ways to keep working.Just like this past year, we might face other changes in the coming ten years. Whatever the case is, I’m sure we will work half-remote half-at the office in the short term. Because as people, we are social beings. We can’t do without our office chit-chats and happy hours.

4- From your experience, what is the most important thing to consider when using a virtual meeting platform? What makes 11Sight different?

The first impression is significant. My first expectation from a platform is to connect easily. 11Sight’s most important value proposition is the ability to plug and play. Businesses can get the system up and running in 5 minutes! The caller does not need to download any application or register any platform. It is a “One-click video call. “The second requirement is quality. Since we are using video calls instead of in-person meetings, we expect to have a life-like experience. 11Sight stands out with its HD Quality video & audio. The system constantly optimizes the quality to provide the best experience.Finally, scalability and manageability. With the existing solutions, everyone can make and receive video/audio calls, but these are not suitable for businesses. A business has different roles; salespeople and headquarters have different responsibilities. 11Sight provides a hierarchical structure for companies where managers can keep track of their employees from a single platform. There’s also the flexibility to integrate with existing CRM systems.

5- This question is for our freelancers around the world. One of the biggest challenges of remote workers right now is having efficient and productive meetings. As an expert on the topic, how do you think remote workers can tackle this challenge?

I think one of the biggest challenges of remote workers is managing the calls. Business meetings are usually held on daily platforms. However, these platforms only can make and receive the call, and not all customers use the same platform. Remote workers must have a tracking system where they record the details of calls to keep track of everything.We saw this necessity and made a built-in CRM. 11Sight users can record calls and upload documents after finishing the calls. The unique call ID enables to track the customers one by one.Other than management, remote workers must use a platform suitable for every customer profile. It should be easy-to-use and stable because the first impression is crucial. If you provide a professional experience, the whole process and outcomes will be professional.6- Would you like to share a few words with our audience?I want everyone to look back at the past year for a minute. We’ve gone through a lot of things. I want you to see what you achieved and how you achieved it. Also, remember why you tried so hard to adapt to the new normal. Take a deep breath and thank yourself for not giving up. We are working hard to provide the best possible technology to you and develop it constantly. As 11Sight, we tripled our happy customers with the help of a great, hard-working team and our ability to adapt. We tried so hard for our existing and prospective customers. Because even if we were ready to provide thousands with our solution, they were confused and worried about what’s going on. Success is too close to give up on. Keep going!


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