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Pick up your ears for 4 lovely playlists by Ruul

No matter how much we like what we do as a profession, there are always moments we get drawn away. Whether we are just feeling down temporarily or losing ourselves in the rush, we do need some stimulation that can help us get back in the mood for work.

Music often comes to our rescue herein. Melodies and rhythms are so powerful that the right ones can make us feel like we are traveling through time, space, and even climates. Some tracks immediately make us feel the sweet warmth of the summer with a few tinkles and some fill our muscles up with energy and set us right in motion.

With Covid-19 taking over our spatial flexibility, we need a change of atmosphere ever more and music is a great tool we can put to use to bring in alternative vibes to our home. And with the accessibility options facilitated by the vast world of the Internet, setting the soundtrack for our day is as easy as one-two-three!

We have four diverse playlists on Spotify, each fully loaded with 50 tracks, curated specifically for four specific needs:

Focus with “Start Now”

This eclectic list is made to keep you company and treat your ears as you start your working day. Pour your morning dose of coffee in your favorite mug and hit play. If you listen to it at one sitting, it should keep you in the course till your lunchtime. Listen on Spotify

Relax with “Take a Break”

Feeling a bit exhausted? This list will soften you up. You can lift its effectiveness up by moving onto the couch with your drink and throwing a blankie on you. It also serves as a sweet underscore as you make your preparations for dinner in the kitchen and it is long enough to cover the dinner time too! Listen on Spotify

Smile with “Mood Booster”

If you need a ray of sunshine (which we all do more frequently in this period), go ahead and take refuge in this list. This upbeat playlist is guaranteed to brighten your day. If you are fond of exercising, you can also utilize the tracks on this zippy collection to draw the energy that is needed. Listen on Spotify

Meditate with “Untangle”

Skip a beat and slow down with this mesmerizing list. It is perfect for inclining your ears to as you do yoga, meditate, or prepare for a good night’s sleep. The dreamy tunes will let off the steam of the day and transcend you to a calmer state of mind. Listen on Spotify

For more upcoming playlists, don’t forget to follow Ruul on Spotify, and to hit the heart button in order to add the lists that appeal to you to your library!

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Deniz Öksüz Fer
Deniz is the Head of Communications & Brand Strategy at Ruul. She's been serving as a solo linguist, writer and editor since 2011. In 2020, she teamed up with Ruul to tell their inspiring story.
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