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Rimuut has rebranded as Ruul and here is why

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September 19, 2022

Rimuut has rebooted and is proud to announce that it will continue its journey with new features and by the name of Ruul.

Why we have been here

Rimuut has been empowering freelancers and simplifying financial admin for organizations since 2017, as an invoicing, contracting and payment partner. With the bitter awareness of the hardship independent talents have in collecting payment, Rimuut has embarked on a journey to retrieve the notion of flexibility in the way talents and organizations engage. With its primary features of cross-currency invoicing, international work payments and solo work agreements, Rimuut has served over 50.000 talents and equipped them with the features of a global company and more than 10.000organizations, and given them the ease of working with solo talents in compliance.

Work as we know it is now out of date

The pandemic made all working people reassess their work conditions and a large population said goodbye to their jobs for the betterment of their wages and work-life balance. The Great Resignation (called by some as the Great Reshuffling or Attrition), was a manifestation of this shift. Hundreds of thousands of Americans who have left their jobs did so in order to become self-employed. As a company watching the structural changes and trends in the post-pandemic labor market closely, we have once again revalidated our reason for existence after the pandemic. Today, there is so much more to work than conventional employment. Many tasks of contemporary work can be done remotely and digitally. Modern digital workers in many sectors accomplish tasks and submit the digital output from anywhere, without having to physically meet their employer and travel to a workplace. Flexibility is a strong motivator both for contingent and full-time talents and to attract talents, organizations are shifting their attention to offering more freedom and purpose. Research shows that autonomy is above anything else for non-traditionalist workers (a mix of people in temporary, gig, or part-time roles) to feel a need to join back to the workforce once they quit. As Rimuut has foreseen long ago (even before the pandemic!) the new order of work is built on non-traditional recruitment and flexible management principles. Organizations willing to stay up-to-date and beyond borders are turning towards not only full-time in-house  workers, but also global masterminds governing their work relations autonomously.Solo professionals having a passion for autonomy are often overwhelmed with the burden of establishing a company and organizations can be hesitant to work with unincorporated individuals. Up to now, Rimuut came to the rescue for this cluster of solo talents and enabled this external workforce to pursue their career without compromising their autonomy and to engage in business with organizations, on a global scale and remotely. Organizations on the other end, could benefit from the brilliance diverse talents bring in and gain agility by going lighter, in terms of expenses and operational limitations by hiring and paying with Rimuut.

Organizations and talents engaging remotely and freely

Businesses ahead of the game are and will be building open company cultures; which welcome talents all around the world that hold a variety of skills, competences and experiences. To be able to onboard and manage talents across different continents and countries, and give their talents location and time flexibility, employers seek solutions to accommodate remote and autonomous work.As Ruul, we will be accompanying talents and organizations as they complement each other meaningfully with new and more empowering features that this new era of work necessitates. As the traditional ways of hiring, retaining and managing talent are diminishing, Ruul will be providing workers and recruiters with flexible solutions to become compatible with each other.

The idea behind the name of “Ruul”

Ruul is inspired by the action of “ruling”. Through and past the pandemic, we have witnessed that flexibility can be applicable to the work life, but it has a prerequisite: autonomy.

Autonomy (auto for self and nomos for law in Greek) stands for the act and condition of self-governing or ruling. Autonomy at work is essential for workers to be able to choose the best arrangement that works for them and to act on their values and interests. With autonomy, they can decide on what's best for them beyond the traditional meaning of flexibility. This comprehensive understanding of flexibility is known to give one a peace of mind that no other aspect can compensate for. It is the fundamental idea and value that lies behind the actions of every individual that goes against the traditional restraints of work. Not just by freelancing, but with the conception of freedom in whichever arrangement they prefer.

Broader scope of talents

As an entity believing strongly in and working towards laying the foundation for the maximum flexibility, Ruul will keep autonomous freelancing talents company and provide organizations with the means to embrace the culture of autonomy. But, Ruul talents will not only be freelancers! We stand with each and every talent that is given some portion of autonomy, also through new employment practices that are ruled by flexibility and a universal mindset.Being an employee for an organization that embraces autonomy as a value can also fulfill the conditions for a freedom-driven work relationship, hence, Ruul will be targeting all talents and organizations working globally and remotely. With new sets of features, Ruuler organizations will be able to manage their blended workforce and onboard different talent segments on Ruul as well. How people work is going through a major transformation and times like this require a new vision that can accommodate solutions to unique challenges and needs. Diversity in the talent market created new focus opportunities and shifts for us. The prevalent demand for autonomy at work made us reconsider our expressions, approaches and features, which previously rested upon the concept of independence. Today Ruul would like to take a stance in remote hiring and work management with a broader perspective and to play a part in other domains of work such as job finding, compliant employment with global payroll, and tax assistance. Ruul will help talents rule their careers while giving support to organizations for hiring and managing autonomous individuals.

What we care about

Since the dawn of Rimuut in 2017, we have been guided by the changes and shifts in work practices, and how work can become more fulfilling and seamless in the remote reality for everyone involved. Here is what our idea of better work consists of:

  • Working meaningfully and in good terms with autonomy

We lay substantial importance on having one’s own say on the terms of their ideal work dynamics and working in the best terms that one sees fit with their personal lives is central to us. We believe that by working so, work itself gains more meaning and one has more motivation and enthusiasm to carry out tasks.

  • Working with maximum compatibility and efficiency universally

We want to make work streamlined for everyone anywhere, so that work becomes unformidable. According to our line of vision, in this era, talents and organizations should be easily attuned regardless of their locations and time schedules. With work and life solutions that we offer, we will be making each and every talent and organization in harmony with one another wherever they are located.

How Ruul will work

In the last year, our team has reached over twice its size. With a larger and more robust team across many departments, Ruul will continue to expand its capabilities. We aspire to create the best work experience considering all individual needs universally, regardless of location. With our dedication to exploration, problem solving and innovation, we never settle with what Ruul has at hand and work passionately to create genuine solutions that empower ourselves and our users. We act fast on challenges with new ideas and proactive interventions. Our eyes are always open to detect questions and future needs of our users and find creative and quick solutions with maximum flexibility, adaptability and authenticity. As we do so, we utilize and generate resources, tools, flows, techniques and methods that make our team and user base collectively stronger.Since the world we exist in is in a transformation that we follow closely, we will stay open to change and show quick adaptability to generate new ideas, gain alternative perspectives and invent new products.

What Ruul will consist of and look like

Our transition is driven by our mission to help talents self-rule their career and organizations rule their talent operations anywhere. To accomplish this, we are dedicated to provide smart and universal work solutions in a new and improved manner. Let’s take a closer look at what the new product set of Ruul will entail:

New features

Ruul is rolling out new features that streamline the engagement of talents and organizations by offering solutions from A to Z. From finding each other to closing off with taxes, users will now be able to select and use any feature that they can imagine during their journey of engaging with talents or clients.

  • Through our new marketplace feature, Connect, parties will be able to spot each other and start a conversation.
  • Using our existing set of work features that includes Agreements and Invoicing, both parties can draw agreements that will set the terms for their business relationship and settle the details of pricing.
  • With our cross-currency finance features, organizations can make Payments to talents located anywhere in the world with local or world currencies of their choosing. Similarly, talents will be able to collect payments and using our upcoming integrated Banking service, they can save, track and spend their money on the very same platform.
  • Our compliance feature set covers Tax Assistance for talents and EOR (Employer of Record) for organizations. Talents will be able to receive support on how to calculate and file taxes. Using the EOR service, organizations will be able to hire, onboard and manage talents remotely and in compliance with labor and tax regulations all around the world without having to set up new entities at different locations.

New knowledge, new content, new discussions

These changes have paved the way for us to deepen our knowledge about many details related to global hiring, the talent market, team management, new trends in the work domain and many more. We will be reflecting this knowledge through our blog and social media channels, serving as a knowledge hub for the changing landscape of work relationships and practices. No matter at which stage of career our users are, they will find the information needed for functioning powerfully and insightfully using our resources. You will encounter Ruul talking about:

  • working with better terms
  • building and leading an autonomous career path
  • mental health and work-life balance
  • remote visa and residential permit regulations
  • physical fitness and living better
  • tools & best practices for working remotely
  • industry and niche-specific career tips & guides
  • tips & tricks for overcoming obstacles
  • suggestions from fellow talents
  • work trends around the world
  • work rights and legislation
  • hiring remotely
  • diversity & inclusion in the workplace

Ruul community for talents

At Ruul, we want every talent to be seen and heard. To amplify the benefits talents can get, we believe that there is a need to create a free and safe space where talents can engage with each other. Ruul will be building up an open online community space for solo professionals, where they can network, learn, build new skills, discuss, showcase their work and learn about the updates about Ruul. The Ruul community will be presenting talents:

  • free masterclasses and mentorship
  • virtual networking sessions
  • a hub where talents can promote their work
  • inspirations and support through resources
  • events
  • announcements
  • a forum where they can ask and answer questions

New look

With the change in our name, our logo, brand imagery and color palette were redesigned. We bade farewell to Rimuut’s striped initial logo resembling an invoice document. Now that we will be offering a wider set of work solutions and simplifying the work cycle of talents and organizations, we opted for a simple, modern and chic logo with our company name standing free and at the forefront.For our colors, we took inspiration from the mesmerizing hues of our vast universe. As a universal work solution platform aiming to harmonize talents and organizations all around the world, we opted for a galactic palette of pinks, blues, greens and purple and black in soft and muted tones that work well and blend harmoniously together, while standing out individually.You will be seeing our new design elements on our website, across social media, and all other brand communications.

Welcoming the next chapter with Ruul

We are beyond excited for the next chapter, and extend a sincere thanks to you for choosing Ruul as your work, finance and compliance partner. With our new and improved features and horizons, we look forward to helping modern organizations and autonomous talents work harmoniously in the remote reality.Should you have any questions, suggestions or inquiries, feel free to contact us through Live Chat or on social media; remember we are present on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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