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Rooted with Ruul: Meet İsmail from The United States

Izzy Turner

Today, we present İsmail, an independent professional who became a part of our freelancer community in the US. Discover İsmail’s story and his tips for freelancers.

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your work.

My name is Ismail Habib, and I am currently doing a Ph.D. in Applied Informatics specializing in Homomorphic Encryption. I have been in the IT industry for about 17 years. I have worked in different roles, from software development to consultancy. I believe I have a 360-degree view of how software development works.

How and why did you first start freelancing? Did a memorable incident steer your decision, and would you like to tell Ruulers about it?

It all started with me looking for some freelance platform that would abide by multiple countries’ rules and regulations. I was also looking for a tool that could simplify the registration and invoicing process. I have registered for various platforms, but when I came across Ruul I just fell in love with the simplicity it provides. The support team in Ruul is amazing. The after-sales experience is one of the best that I have only encountered on multinational software companies. Ruul and its support help me focus on work. Ruul handles all the details of payment, and legality. I know Ruul is there to support me if I need assistance. It is a genuine freelance service platform.

How is your daily routine? Can you share it with us in a few bullet points?

I start my working day by reviewing the projects I have and merely following the plan registered at the project’s beginning. First, I prioritize the tasks and start working on them. Baby steps with the right planning are the key to succeeding as a freelancer field.

Where is your best working corner at home? The sofa, the bed, or an isolated room? Can you illustrate the scene with a photo?

My favorite work environment is an empty room with only a desk, papers, pens, and my PC.

Any songs/albums/artists/genres you prefer listening to as you work? How about as you chill? Does your playlist differ according to what you are doing?

Not really, I like to be entirely focused on my work.

In three words, how do you reckon a professional freelancer should be?

Persistent, punctual, and committed.

Are you a phone or e-mail person when it comes to communicating with clients?

I prefer emails and live meetings.

Would you still prefer video calls or instead meet people in person for work purposes if the pandemic was out of the picture?

I prefer video calls. Because video calls are easier and efficient.

Are there any tools you find indispensable as you work on a freelance basis? Could you name some?

Ruul is all I need. Google Meet also helps a lot.

Do you have any suggestions for fresh freelancers? Can you shortly elaborate on what freelancers should do or avoid doing in their journey?

One of the biggest mistakes I have made early on in my career as a freelancer is accepting multiple jobs at once. Remember, quality is an essential factor. Take simple tasks that you can accomplish first.


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