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Ruul business interviews: meet Tufan from GrowthYouNeed

Izzy Turner

As we grow our community of businesses and independent professionals exponentially, we would like to introduce our valuable members to you in this series of interviews. Our new guest is a successful businessman Tufan Gök working from the most beautiful two cities, Paris and İstanbul.

1- Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your company.

My name is Tufan. I am a serial entrepreneur. Currently, I am running a Growth Hacking Agency based in Paris.At GrowthYouNeed we help startups and small businesses scale their user-customer base exponentially through paid advertising and several automation techniques. We are a team of 12 people, both based in Paris and Istanbul.

2- What made you decide to start working with independent professionals, and what are the best parts of working with freelancers? Why do you choose to work with freelancers?

Although we have a competent team who has worked on hundreds of projects in the past, from time to time -like any other company- we need some smart people to help us on the projects we run. In these cases, we work with independent professionals with excellent experience and portfolio.

3- How do you find freelancers?

We usually find freelancers on Malt, Fiverr, and Linkedin when needed.

4- As remote working is becoming more common among companies, how do you think it will impact the future of work? Do you think the freelance economy will grow faster in the future?

The freelance economy is already growing very fast. With remote work, many people who work on big companies started doing remote work during their weekends and afternoons. They have found out that they can efficiently operate at home and deliver projects. Remote work will be the most common way of working in the future.

5- How do you communicate, collaborate & socially engage with freelancers and your remote employees? Could you name some tools/platforms?

Unless it's on the platforms we work with, we usually invited them to our Slack. Still, recently we have moved to Discord for company communication, which will be replacing Slack completely hopefully.

6- Do you have any suggestions for companies that are considering working with freelancers? Can you shortly elaborate on what companies should do or avoid when they start outsourcing work to freelancers?

Ask for reviews and previous projects, and make sure that your expectations are realistic for the project. When it comes to payment, always stick with 30%-70%, or 50%-50%.

7- Do you have any suggestions for freelancers who are working with corporate companies and teams?

Try to bring the best of you for the project you are helping, do not forget that "a good job will bring more jobs." The freelancers we had good results in the past have worked with us 5-10 times more on average.


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